1. Featured Inventory

                Welcome to Southern Honda Powersports

                Chattanooga, TN Southern Honda Powersports is the worlds largest Honda Powersports dealer! Pretty cool, right? We certainly think so. We pride ourselves on having incredibly low prices and an unbeatable selection with over 100,000 square feet of inventory. Price, selection and transparency are how we built our name. No fees. No nonsense. Just a friendly, out-the-door price and a smooth buying process.

                Because we have the best prices and an impressive collection of vehicles, Southern Honda has become a destination for riders from Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida. Whether you're a Gold Wing rider from New York or a farmer who needs a Pioneer to get around on your land, weve got you covered! And if youre coming in from out of town, let us help you find all the great riding spots around Chattanooga. Come let us show you why were unbeatable.

                Unless otherwise indicated, major unit prices on are for base model/standard-color motorcycles, ATVs, MUVs, and PWCs. Optional accessories, colors, and finishes (i.e. camo, flames, custom stripes, pearl coats, etc.) may be higher. All major unit prices on include all applicable Honda Bonus Bucks, incentives, and discounts; no other discounts apply. Prices are valid for cash and finance, but no credit cards for unit purchases, please.

                Our discounted prices are based on factory money such as "Flex Bucks" and "Bonus Bucks." This discount is subject to change at any time. Although we strive to keep all pricing in place for 24 hours at a time, when factory money is gone, prices will change. Please contact your sales member for possible changes.
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